Becoming SCSWORX

In an effort to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving’s alive, here’s an abbreviated look back on how we became SCSWORX:


A timeline of our logos through the years (see above)

While exploring new revenue opportunities for his moving company employer, Curt (our Owner and CEO) found that exhibition support services were almost non-existent in the TN Valley.

After a year of experimenting in this industry, Curt & Shay Brannon convinced Bud & Irene Nobles to found Southern Convention Services in January 1987.

Integraph and its user group, IGUG, quickly became the first premier client as SCS services grew to include event management, exhibit design/fabrication, graphic production, etc.

As an international clientele developed, the brand evolved to SCS Exhibits, then Smart-Creative-Space and now SCSWORX.

Faith & family remain the central SCS fabric along with acknowledgment of many blessings and a desire to be a blessing to others.

SCSWORX is thankful for the team we have, past and present, and the company this team has built together. Looking forward to the future!

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