Giving Away Visibility.

Did you know that it takes 16 to 18 interactions before a consumer actually understands your organizations message? 16 to 18 times… that’s a lot of advertisement! Brand consistency and strategy, social presence, marketing experiences, lack of visibility or exposure; these could be deemed as buzz words or terms, but regardless, they’re still important to the growth of your organization. Exposure in the marketplace is an issue that small businesses run into daily because people don’t know that your company is even an option for them. And if they do, are they having a consistent experience across all platforms? 

SCSWORX and Rocket City Digital are teaming up to increase awareness and visibility in the marketplace for Small Businesses in the Tennessee Valley. Bringing the physical, and digital side of marketing together creating consistent brand experiences for each person encountering your brand. 

For 45 days, SCS and RCD (Rocket City Digital) will be running a campaign leading up to a Black Friday Giveaway for small businesses located in the Tennessee Valley area. Those that qualify are tax-deemed Small Businesses in the professional services industry, within a 40 mile radius of Huntsville, AL. 

What’s in it for you? The marketing experience being given away is worth up to $10,000 of digital and physical marketing spending. That’s 10k worth of unforgettable experiences for your consumers. Unforgettable experiences lead to word of mouth marketing, and exposure in the marketplace. 

Be sure to check your inbox and our social media accounts as we reveal the winner of the Marketing Experience Giveaway on Friday, November 29th, 2019.

-Sam Stiles