We can help you plot your position on the PDIO Model.

When new projects with clients arise we like to get a good feel for where we are starting our business relationship. PDIO helps us establish this entry point accurately.

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Understanding who you are as a company. What you are trying to accomplish. What is your business and marketing strategy and what does that path to success look like.


Understanding your brand and brand standards. What are your brand assets? Your look and feel, messaging and platforms or channels you are currently using. What is your branded corporate culture, ethics and persona? Do you have a plan to execute you current brand?


The reality of your brand promise to your customers. Is there a time frame? Do you have a budget? When and where will the execution of the experience take place?


Feedback is vital. Do you have a data gathering feedback loop?  What is your ROI? Are you totally optimized for efficiency?

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Planning. Design. Implementation. Operations.